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Three Customer Service Phone Number Phone Number of Three is +, + The is a global telecommunications and network services company operates in Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Sweden, Italy and United Kingdom.

The length of time can vary considerably, depending on your individual circumstances. Keep an eye on the purse strings. Return, exchange or cancel your upgrade. The phone lines are open from Mon-Fri 9am For Signature Loans the grace period is 10 days.

I would like to contact a specific 3M employee. You can contact the 3M Operator directly by calling and selecting option 3. I have an SDS for a 3M product and I’m looking for transportation information, but in Section 14 of the SDS it says to call
Three customer service is available via free phone number, email form, live-chat and major social networks. You can also pop in to any of Three's stores for help and support.
Need to quickly contact our Security Operations Center regarding DDoS Mitigation? Existing Level 3 customers please call LEVEL3. New and/or future Level 3 customers can contact our Security Sales Teams at General sales inquiry phone numbers.
Get USAA contact information, including phone numbers, addresses and hours of operation. Skip to Content. Mortgage Service Center for Ocwen. Mortgage Service Center for Green Tree. Mortgage Service Center for PHH. Update Address. My USAA Number. Newest Improvements.
I would like to contact a specific 3M employee. You can contact the 3M Operator directly by calling and selecting option 3. I have an SDS for a 3M product and I’m looking for transportation information, but in Section 14 of the SDS it says to call
Technical support.

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Fifth Third Bank has all the personal banking solutions to suit your needs. Learn about the features and benefits of our personal bank account today! Your questions answered. Customer Service is what we're all about. Email Address. Treasury At A Glance - Wholesale Treasury At A Glance - Business Banking Business Advisor - Wholesale.

From the first handshake to daily account management, Level 3 is committed to providing exceptional service. As part of that effort, we offer powerful portal functionalities to help streamline your workflow and get the information you need — anytime, anywhere.

Just create an account and you can manage billing, repairs, orders, booking and much more. Need to connect with your colleagues? Explore All Conferencing Services. Have a question about Level 3 Collaboration Services? Get the most out of your Level 3 services with anywhere access to our powerful management tools.

Analyze up-to-date business data. Access interactive maps, reporting, online ordering and invoicing. Make a one-time payment or schedule payments in advance. A loan modification allows your past due payments principal, interest, costs and fees to be capitalized added to your principal loan balance , waived forgiven or deferred delayed. The terms of the loan modification can be permanent, temporary or conditional. Loan modification can involve any or all of the following:.

With a forbearance plan, foreclosure action on an account is delayed, pending the homeowner's completion of a formal repayment plan. All past due payments and fees are divided and added to the current monthly payment to bring the loan current over a specified period of time.

Special forbearance plans are sometimes approved for customers who cannot afford a large down payment. Once the customer's ability and willingness to pay are re-established with this kind of plan, it is often converted to a loan modification. A short sale is an approved sale of a property for less than full payoff of the loan.

This method is generally used when a borrower can no longer afford to maintain the property due to financial hardship, and therefore selling the property is the only option.

With a deed in lieu of foreclosure DIL , the borrower voluntarily conveys the property back to the mortgage holder the bank. While this is one of the most commonly requested "workout" options, it is not always the best solution because it requires a number of the following conditions:.

When taxes and hazard insurance are escrowed, it means they are collected every month by the lender, who also makes these payments. However, not all mortgage payments include escrow payments.

Some customers choose to pay these bills directly to the tax collector or insurance companies. If you pay your property taxes and hazard insurance separately from your mortgage payment, you may be required to set up an escrow account and have those funds paid through the bank. Although requirements vary among lenders, this is a requirement for most loans handled in our loss mitigation department.

There are better solutions. Rather than making a partial payment, please call us at to speak with us about potential options. Or you can complete an online application to apply for hardship assistance. If I am divorced from a co-borrower, do I have to have my ex-spouse sign or send in the information requested on the application?

All borrowers on the loan need to complete and submit the application. This gives our loss mitigation team a clear picture of your financial status and helps us determine all the options available to you.

The co-borrower will also be required to sign and submit legal documents before we are able to pursue most of our workout options. What if I don't have access to a fax machine or I need assistance getting my documents to Fifth Third? Just go to any Fifth Third Branch. The staff will be happy to fax or mail documents to our loss mitigation specialists - completely free of charge. In fact, it's usually a good idea to ask for assistance before you become delinquent. Borrowers who are current on loans can seek assistance if they are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford to make their mortgage payments in full.

Yes, you can apply for assistance even if a foreclosure proceeding has begun on your property. Timing is critical, so we encourage you to complete the application as soon as possible. Please be aware that foreclosure and other collection procedures will continue while your application is being reviewed.

Whether or not you can still apply for assistance depends on whether you are in an active bankruptcy, have received a discharge, or have been dismissed from a bankruptcy proceeding. If you or a co-borrower has an active bankruptcy filing or have been discharged, you cannot complete the application online.

Instead, you will need to contact your attorney, who will then need to contact us at If you have been dismissed from a bankruptcy proceeding then you will be able to complete the online application. If you have any questions concerning the status of your bankruptcy, please contact your attorney for clarification. Some customers choose to have third parties contact us about assistance opportunities; be assured that in these instances, we are not permitted to release any information without your written consent.

Beware of foreclosure rescue scams - especially any person or organization that requests payment for assistance on a delinquent loan. Also beware of anyone who says he or she can "save" your home if you sign over the deed to your house! Never, ever make your mortgage payment to anyone other than your mortgage company.

Should you ever have questions about this kind of situation, please contact us immediately at The process varies for every different kind of loan. So this means that the length of time we need to thoroughly review your application and determine the best option can vary considerably. It is not unusual, however, for the application review process to take up to one month. A member of our loss mitigation team will contact you about your application, either by mail or by phone, within ten days after we receive it.

Every borrower with some form of verifiable income and a desire to continue making payments will be considered for assistance. We ask that you do everything possible to continue making your payments on time. We also suggest that you contact your other creditors to request assistance on those debts, as well. My spouse is now obligated to make the mortgage payment under our divorce agreement. Am I still liable? If you signed the note and mortgage, you are still liable for the payments.

A divorce decree does not alter your obligation. The information helps us form a clear and accurate picture of your overall financial situation. Additionally, Fifth Third is required - as are all other lenders - to provide supporting documentation to the Federal Reserve, demonstrating that we are in compliance with federal regulations.

There will be an initial request for information for a preliminary review. After this review further documentation may also be required to satisfy underwriting requirements or clarify certain circumstances.

If you offer me a solution and I receive a modification or other workout, how will it affect my credit score? Depending on the type of workout modification or other type , your credit score may be affected. We are required by law to report workouts to credit bureau agencies. Please be sure that all information you provide including phone number is accurate and complete.

All signers on the loan must provide the information necessary to obtain approval of any workout option. Program requirements vary, and we will keep you informed throughout the process. While Fifth Third is committed to doing everything we can to assist borrowers who are experiencing financial hardship, sometimes there is just no viable solution. If we find that a solution cannot be reached, we will notify you as soon as possible. Please be aware that in these cases, Fifth Third reserves the right to pursue any and all necessary legal remedies and collection actions.

Depending on the program you qualify for, different documents may be required to verify your income. We will advise you on the paperwork we'll need for your file. If you would like to check the status of your completed application, please click here. If I am a housing counselor, how do I check the status of a borrower's completed loss mitigation application? If you are a housing counselor or non-profit organization, and would like to check the status of a borrower's loan modification application, please call What is the contact number for questions about my existing mortgage loan such as payment, monthly statement, or escrow questions?

Our competitive rates are subject to change. However, you can lock in a rate at the time of application. This means we will stand by the rate through a specified expiration date. Ask us for further details. Closing costs vary based on a number of factors. We will quote an estimate of the out-of-pocket costs, prepaid expenses, application fees, title insurance, origination fees and discount points.

These costs do not include the amount of down payment. Depending on the type of loan, processing time will vary. Your Mortgage Loan Originator will be able to provide you with an estimated timeframe. You will find your Loan Originator easily accessible via the phone and e-mail. Appointments are scheduled at your convenience. Weekend and evening hours are available. Fifth Third's intent is to service the majority of its loans and, therefore, maintain a long-term relationship with you.

However, it is possible that your loan may be sold to a third party, in which case, you will receive written notice prior to the transfer. A construction loan is a loan made to a builder or individual to facilitate construction of a dwelling.

To determine the plan best for you, we recommend that you talk to one of our loan originators. Both loans are actually mortgage loans. The term "mortgage" applies to a loan on real estate. The primary difference in terms of lending is that the term "mortgage loan" most often is used in connection with an existing dwelling.

A construction loan is made with the expectation that a dwelling will be built on a lot. A Rollover IRA is a Individual Retirement Account that is designed to segregate assets rolled from your former employer's qualified retirement plan pension, profit sharing, k , etc into an IRA that is separate from your other Traditional IRA funds. This may allow you to roll the funds from the Rollover IRA back into another qualified employer retirement plan at a later date.

In addition, rolling over to an IRA allows you to keep your savings tax-deferred and typically offers more investment choices. Contact your former employer or plan administrator to request the paperwork to begin your distribution. A Fifth Third Bank representative will guide you through the process to make it as seamless as possible.

Typically, you are only able to take money out when you reach normal retirement age, leave the company, become disabled, or if your employer terminates the plan. You may be able to take a portion of your money out of your plan at work and leave the rest in, but not all plans allow this. If you are required to take all of your money out of the plan, you can roll it all over to an IRA, then take the portion that you need out of the IRA.

Depending on what you need the money for, you may qualify for a waiver of the penalty tax if you take the money from an IRA rather than directly from your plan at work. If you have access to other money, you may want to avoid taking money out of the plan. Even a small withdrawal can have a drastic effect on the growth of your retirement savings.

Check with your company to find out if the plan will allow you to continue making payments after you leave the company, or whether you are required to repay the balance of your plan before you can roll over the remainder.

If you decide to take your money out of the plan and don't repay the loan before doing so, the amount of the unpaid loan is added to your income for the year which may be taxable and may also be subject to IRS penalties, depending on your age.

Even if no portion of your rollover is taxable, the IRS requests that you must report it on your tax return. It is worth consulting with your tax accountant before you take any cash out of the employer retirement plan, as you may have taxes withheld from the balance.

If you roll over your money directly from your company plan into an IRA, then there are no taxes that you owe. Please instruct your company plan to make the check payable to Fifth Third and, upon receipt, the check will be deposited to your Rollover IRA account.

You can consult with a Fifth Third Bank representative to find out what options fits you. Call or visit your nearest Fifth Third Branch. Please see your tax advisor or the IRS website for rules and additional details. You can make contributions to a Roth IRA for a given tax year no later than your tax filing deadline.

As of , the eligibility restrictions that had prevented certain taxpayers from being able to convert to a Roth IRA were eliminated. Roth conversions are now available to all individuals. Generally, you are taxed at your current tax rate on the amount of the conversion.

Some exceptions may apply. See your tax advisor for information. Distributions of annual contributions are tax free at any time. Distributions of conversion amounts are tax-free at any time and may be penalty-free. See IRS Publication or your tax advisor for additional information. You are not required to take distributions from your Roth IRA at any age. This allows you to pass your Roth IRA down to your beneficiaries after your death. In most cases, they will be able to take distributions totally tax-free.

See your tax advisor for additional information. You can set up and make contributions to a traditional IRA if you meet the following requirements:. You can have a traditional IRA whether or not you are covered by any other retirement plan.

However, you may not be able to deduct all of your contributions if you or your spouse is covered by an employer retirement plan. Generally, contributions for a given tax year can be made no later than your tax filing deadline. Your ability to deduct your Traditional IRA contribution is based on your Modified Adjusted Gross Income and whether you or your spouse participates in an employer sponsored retirement plan anytime during the year. Beneficiaries of an IRA have the option of allowing their portion of the deceased person's IRA to continue growing tax deferred.

To find out how this applies to your situation, see IRS Publication or your tax advisor. This can be done in two ways:. The transaction may be totally or partially taxable depending on whether you have any after-tax funds in any Traditional IRA at the time of conversion. You can distribute all or a portion of your traditional IRA assets at any time. Generally, distributions are taxed at your current tax rate. There are some additional exceptions to this penalty.

See IRS Publication or your tax advisor for information. Your financial institution can help you determine the amount of your annual RMD. In general, distributions from a traditional IRA are taxable in the year distributed. If you have basis in your Traditional IRA after-tax contributions that you have recorded on IRS form then a portion of your distribution may not be taxable.

I am serving or being called to active military duty. If you are requesting to lower the interest rate on your mortgage, loan, or credit care pursuant to the SCRA, please call Option 3 International: ET or send us a message at any time using our online Message Center.

You may also send your request for benefit review in writing, with a copy of your orders, by faxing your documents to , or mailing them to:. Yes, with our online investment service, you can invest at your convenience. Fifth Third Securities Online is for clients who want to place their own investment trades and access account statements, trade confirmations, trade history and investor education tools 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With our online investment service, you can invest at your convenience, with many helpful tools:. To get started with an Fifth Third Securities Online account, fill out this application and send it to the address indicated.

Note that there is a discounted fee schedule for Fifth Third Securities Online accounts. Of course, if you would prefer to work with a financial professional, you can always contact a Fifth Third Securities Investment Professional. Once you register you will have access to information sessions on procurement opportunities, networking receptions with purchasers, small business seminars and workshops, and referrals to financial services.

You may also want to attend networking sessions and other opportunities available to meet Fifth Third Bank procurement personnel. This includes the ability to offer a product or service that meets our quality, price and service requirements.

No, but it lets us know that you are interested, and it helps us try to match up your services with our needs. Once registered, your Vendor Profile will be added to our procurement list. The information you provide will be available to purchasers within Fifth Third Bank. We may not have an immediate need for your services at this time. When an opportunity arises, the purchasers will contact you. Fifth Third traces its origins to the Bank of the Ohio Valley, which opened its doors in Cincinnati in For information about the executive management team, visit the Fifth Third Bancorp's Executive Officers page.

For information about the board of directors, visit the Fifth Third Bancorp's Board of Directors page. Fifth Third is among the top 20 largest bank holding companies in the country and ranked on Fortune's Fortune listing. View additional accolades and rankings. Fifth Third operates four main businesses: Fifth Third also has a View Fifth Third's complete history. For more information view the Regions We Serve.

The Fifth Third Bank lapel pin was created in as part of a suggestion box campaign. After the suggestion box campaign ended, the extra pins were distributed throughout the corporate office. While the pin became a popular accessory changing shapes and colors throughout the years, it was not widely distributed to all employees until the late 's. In , the lapel pin went magnetic after employees shared concern about damaging their blouses and suits with the pushpin.

In , Fifth Third Bank introduced a silver pin option in addition to the gold. In October of the Fifth Third pin went pink to commemorate the national breast cancer awareness month and to raise money for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign.

In , employees received commemorative anniversary pins to celebrate Fifth Third's th year in banking. Select Fifth Third Bank from the financial institution drop-down list. Check the QuickStatement and transaction request s you want to send. Your bill payments will be paid on their due date, keeping funds in your account until the date the payment is due.

This is similar to writing a check, since funds are not deducted from your account until the check is cashed. Fifth Third Internet banking and Bill Payment system will display the payment as pending. Payments due on Saturday or Sunday or other non-business days will be paid on the preceding business day. Please contact your Trust Officer with questions regarding a specific holding.

Please contact your Trust Officer with questions regarding a specific transaction. Still have more questions? You can choose to enter information for only those accounts you wish to integrate with your software.

And you can use your PFM software to synchronize data with as many Fifth Third checking, savings and credit accounts you want.

The first time you set up bill payment services, you must deactivate and then reactivate all of your accounts. Note that payee nicknames are not updated between systems. Checking, savings and credit accounts. If you have forgotten your username and password, go to Login Help. EST Friday, 8 a.

EST Saturday, 9 a. Get immediate access to a Client Support Professional for in-depth support. You are leaving a Fifth Third website and will be going to a website operated by a third party which is not affiliated with Fifth Third Bank. That site has a privacy policy and security practices that are different from that of the Fifth Third website. Fifth Third and its affiliates are not responsible for the content on third parties.

A bi-weekly newsletter that provides an overview of key trends and market conditions in the capital markets in which Fifth Third is active and engaged to help you better evaluate and manage the market risks that affect your business. This quarterly newsletter includes market reports on various key industries highlighting recent transaction and market data as well as key industry trends and analysis.

A weekly newsletter distributed in the format of a minute video that provides the latest update and outlook on the economy from the perspective of Fifth Third Bank. A monthly newsletter designed to provide you with details on current fraud related threats and recommendations for helping protect your business.

A quarterly newsletter features thought provoking articles, resources and tools to help you manage working capital. How can we help Your questions answered. Customer Service is what we're all about.

Top Customer Service Questions. What does Fifth Third do to help those affected by a recent disaster? How can I set up direct deposit to my account? Can I reorder checks online? How can I report a lost or stolen card and get a replacement? Customer Service Representatives are available at this line 24x7. What are my options if I can't afford my loan or credit card payment? The interest rate is lowered.

The term of the loan is extended. Principal balance is reduced. What is a Rollover IRA? Rollover IRA is a Individual Retirement Account that is designed to segregate assets rolled from your former employer's qualified retirement plan pension, profit sharing, k , etc into an IRA that is separate from your other Traditional IRA funds. What is Automatic Deposit? Automatic Deposit is the easiest and fastest way to receive money.

It allows you to designate one account into which payments from all participating financial institutions will be automatically deposited. Once turned on, there's nothing more for you to do - you will be notified of incoming payments via email or text message, the payment will be sent into your selected account. You can edit Automatic Deposit settings in Preferences. How do I change my address or phone number?

How can I send or receive a wire transfer? You can order a free credit report at: Box Atlanta, GA Q. What factors can affect my credit score and how long are they reported? Proof of nationality includes: Mexican driver's license U. Utility bill Mexican or U. Checking and Savings Accounts Q. How can I stop a payment? Why was I assessed an ATM fee? What is an ACH transaction?

How do I dispute an ACH transaction? How can I dispute a transaction posting to my checking or savings account? How can I get a status update on a dispute previously submitted? What are transactions appearing in the Pending section of my on-line statement? How long is a transaction in a pending status? Credit and Debit Cards Q. How can I get a replacement card, if my card is worn out or not working properly? How can I dispute a charge on my credit card? What do I need to submit a dispute on my credit card?

How can I check the status of a dispute previously submitted? When will I receive my new chip card? What is a "chip card"? Why are chip card transactions more secure?

Will chip cards allow others to track my location? Is a chip card the same as contactless payment for example, PayPass? Do I need a sleeve to protect information from being stolen off the chip? Is my personal information vulnerable if the chip card is lost or stolen? How do I use my chip card? What does a chip-enabled terminal look like? Why do I need a PIN for my credit card? What happens if I forget my PIN?

How do I use the chip card for online purchases? For online purchases you will continue to use the card as you do today.

Can I use my chip card outside of the U. Who do I contact if I have more questions? Fraud Text Alert Q. I received a text from Why did I get this text message? Why am I receiving texts as well as ? How do I opt out of receiving text from or ? Can I enroll for notifications about possible fraud on my Fifth Third credit card? What is a compromised card? Why are you reissuing my compromised card? What if I do not want to have my current card replaced? What if I have recurring payments with merchants made to my compromised card number?

What do I need to do if I discover fraud on my account? Why is there a one dollar transaction on my account? How can I find the nearest ATM? What if I am asked to accept a surcharge from partner ATM? How Does Zelle Work? How do I enroll with Zelle? Sign in to Choose "Send Money With Zelle".

Set up your Zelle Contact Method phone number or email address that others will use to locate you in Zelle and send you money. Select the account you wish to use with Zelle. All Zelle payments will be made from this account.

All Zelle receipts will be credited to this account. The Validate Account screen appears. You will be sent a one-time passcode as an email or SMS Alert to the email address or phone number you selected as your Zelle identification ID. You must verify possession of the Zelle Contact Method to register it! Start using Zelle to send and receive money. After you've set up Zelle account: Look for notifications about your Zelle activity. You can check your activity anytime on Does the use of Zelle charge a fee?

When will funds be available? How long does an unregistered recipient have to accept a payment? Can I pay a business entity using Zelle? Currently Zelle is just used to send person to person payments. Who are the member banks of the Zelle network? Finding a Contact Q. In the mobile app, how do I send money to a person who is not in my address book?

How do I use Siri with Zelle? Can I receive alerts on my mobile device? What is Apple Pay? It is designed so that items can be purchased using your phone instead of swiping a credit or debit card in-store or entering your card number in-app. How does Apple Pay work? In-store purchases are done by using Near Field Communication NFC which uses a radio frequency technology built into the iPhone 6 to communicate with any NFC-enabled terminal at the retail point of sale.

For in-app purchases, simply select Apple Pay as the payment method in your application. Is Apple Pay free to use? How do I use Apple Pay? When making purchases at a retailer that has a contactless payWave terminal, hold your device over the terminal and accept the charge with your fingerprint or passcode when prompted.

A subtle vibration and beep lets you know the purchase was successful. Your experience with Apple Pay may vary by merchant.

If asked to verify the last four digits of your card number when making a purchase, instead provide the last four digits of the device account number. You may also be asked to provide a signature or debit card PIN to complete your transaction. Look for the Apple Pay logo while completing your in-app purchase to use this feature. How do I add my card to Apple Pay?

There are two different ways to add your card to Apple Pay. If you already have a Fifth Third debit or credit card on file with iTunes, you can add it to Apple Pay by entering the security code on the back of your card. To add a new or second Fifth Third card to Apple Pay, use your device camera to enter your card information or type it in manually. To view the debit and credit cards you have enrolled in Apple Pay, open the Passbook app on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. At this time, Apple Pay can only be used with Fifth Third Masterc ard consumer credit and debit cards.

Apple Pay is not yet available for use with Fifth Third Visa cards. Can I load more than one card in my device to use with Apple Pay? Yes, you can load multiple cards into Passbook. You can set your Fifth Third card as the default card, if that is your preference.

Can I load both my credit and debit card? For security purposes, we may ask you to call Fifth Third to verify your card when adding it to Apple Pay. Can I use a card other than my default card to make a purchase? When you hold your Apple Pay device over a contactless payment terminal to make a purchase, your default card will be displayed at the top of the screen and your other cards will appear stacked at the bottom.

If you would like to use a card other than your default card to make the purchase, simply tap on the stack of cards at the bottom of the screen to view your other cards, select the one you would like to pay with and use your fingerprint or passcode to complete the purchase like normal.

How will I know a transaction was successful? After completing a payment using Apple Pay, confirmation will appear on your iPhone. Customers can also sign up to receive notifications of the purchase. What if I need to return an item? The return process varies by merchant. You may need to present a receipt from the merchant to return the item.

To complete the return, hold your Apple Pay enabled device over the contactless payment terminal and wait for the slight vibration of the device to confirm the refund has been processed. Will I be able to see a history of my transactions made with Apple Pay? Your most recent purchases are listed in the Passbook app on your iPhone. There is a contactless payments locator app called Mastercard Nearby. Recycle or trade-in your old Three device.

Return, exchange or cancel your upgrade. Bring your number to Three. Setting up Direct Debit. Checking when your price plan ends. Changing your price plan. Checking your monthly allowances. Phone tariffs - Pay as You Go on Three. Managing your account online. Topping up your phone. Topping up with a voucher. Knowing when you're using data.

Buying data and Add-ons. Getting started with a new device, repairing a faulty device or getting a PUK code. Getting your device repaired.

Three Address

Contact us. Unexpected text message from Three? Please note, if you've received a message that requests your bank details or other personal information, it could be an attempt to get your details for fraudulent purposes. 3 Mobile Contact Address. Along with the helpline numbers, you can write in the mail for any queries or requests at the below mentioned 3 mobile contact address, mentioning clearly all your contact details as well so that the 3 mobile customer care team can revert back as soon as possible. Fifth Third Bank has all the personal banking solutions to suit your needs. Learn about the features and benefits of our personal bank account today! Your questions answered. Customer Service is what we're all about. Email Address. Treasury At A Glance - Wholesale Treasury At A Glance - Business Banking Business Advisor - Wholesale.